Jody Dundas. Chief Strategist.

Jody Dundas

Chief Strategist/Suckerpunch Co-Founder

As chief strategist, Jody relishes the challenge of distilling complex concepts into clear, creative strategies. Overseeing all areas of Suckerpunch operation, Jody directs the team to craft the editorial, design and digital elements that bring our clients’ visions to life. Since graduating with honours from Red River College’s Creative Communications program, he has focused his career on marketing and communications for food and agriculture. When he isn’t cooking up excellent strategy, Jody enjoys spending time in the kitchen, preparing inspired meals for family and friends.

Jennifer Karton. Creative Director.

Jennifer Karton

Creative Director/Suckerpunch Co-Founder

A former roller derby skater and graduate of the Advertising Art program at Red River College, Jennifer is known for her boundless energy and design intuition. As creative director, she works very closely with clients, seeing projects through from conception to delivery. Living and breathing design, Jennifer uses her critical eye to bring client-focused creative to life, understanding that all jobs – large or small – can have a huge impact on brand. In 2017, this work hard/play hard gal brought together two of her passions and launched the annual Run for Tacos, an almost 5K race that culminates in an all-you-can eat taco extravaganza on the Suckerpunch deck.

Lee Stermscheg. Digital Media Director.

Lee Stermscheg

Digital Media Director/Partner

A scholar of Red River’s Digital Multimedia Technology program, Lee loves the complexities of digital design. Staying on top of new technologies in an increasingly complex field and balancing aesthetics with metrics, our digital media director ensures that the websites we produce are as attractive as they are functional; even (or especially) if it means coming up with something unconventional. Lee also lends his photographic talents to our culinary projects and, in his spare time, collects curious cars.

Indigo Adam-Grant. Account Manager.

Indigo Adam-Grant

Account Manager

Just because one of her middle names is Skye, doesn’t mean Indigo has her head in the clouds. A graduate of the Asper School of Business, our savvy account manager has a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a serious passion for analysis and marketing strategy. When she’s not helping our team and clients achieve success, she’s working with another team – the Washed Up Ballas of the women’s basketball league.

Jesse Dyck. Digital Developer.

Jesse Dyck

Digital Developer

Whether he’s taming Joomla, exploring the deepest, darkest corners of WordPress, or just answering our cries of “Jesse, help!”, Jesse’s day is never boring! As our digital developer, this Red River College Digital Media Design alumni loves finding creative solutions to technical problems and doesn’t step away until he’s found a better way to make things work. In his downtime, he enjoys traveling, dreaming of traveling and making grand travel plans (that don’t always pan out).

Rebecca Hadfield. Creative Content Developer.

Rebecca Hadfield

Creative Content Developer

The smartest and funniest member of the team, Rebecca jumped at the chance to write her own staff bio. In her role as creative content developer, she works on a diverse range of projects, putting to use a unique set of skills, including writing, social media, and recipe development. An honours graduate of Red River College, ex-speechwriter and relentless punster, Rebecca’s passions are cooking, crafting and 80s music.

Laura Wiens. Editor.

Laura Wiens


A writer for as long as she could hold a pen, Laura has always loved putting words on paper, making her a natural fit for Red River College’s Creative Communications program. Her favourite part of her work here at Suckerpunch is crafting engaging copy for our awesome clients and, in her role as editor, managing the content of The Communicator. In her spare time, Laura enjoys reading, running and spending time at the park with her dog Timber.


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